We are often asked what can we do to improve our web page. This is an overview of SEO and highlights some of the ways to improve your SEO results. They may get you from page 4 to page 3 of Google. They won’t get you to page 1 or position 1.

Link Building is about building your reputation

  • If you get an offer to build links that super cheap or form a not reputable source then don’t do it, it is likely to be bad links that will damage your reputation. Getting a few of your friends to link to your site and you link to theirs is also not enough.

On Page SEO Tips

  • Have a very good Page title and use all the words available to you and don’t go over 65 characters
  • Have a description that gives a good summary of what your page and your business are about.(keep it 140-150 characters)

SEO Content tips

  • Google loves content, so ensure you have about 500 words on your pages, and in particular about 500 words on your home page
  • Update your web page regularly – ideally update once per month with a blog.

SEO Keyword Tips

  • Understand Keywords/Key Phrases. They are a little phrase that people search Eg Architect, Architect Bondi, Architect Eastern Suburbs, Quality Architect, Cheap Architect, Sustainable Design, John’s Architecture
  • Determine what your keywords will be. It can be your offering followed by a location. eg SEO for Small Business Sydney, Lawyer in North Sydney, Candles online.
  • In all online communication use these few keywords over and over again to clearly state what you offer. eg We offer SEO services in Sydney to help small businesses grow.

But – it won’t work

There are so many aspects to SEO. If you have read through to here you are interested in what to do for SEO.  I don’t want to be the one to tell you this, but if you try to do all this yourself, and you aren’t a SEO professional you will spend a lot of time, thinking you are being useful, whereas in fact, you will get very little gain. You may get your rankings from page 5 to page 4, but that is useless and won’t bring you any inquiries.