Email Marketing one of the most cost-effective ways of communicating with existing customers and prospects.

The beauty of email campaigns is that the heading is often all that is enough to be seen. Often they are thinking of your type of service, another supplier messed up, or any number of other reasons. That title and email will drive action. Content that is written once can usually be used in multiple ways; a social media post, a blog, or more can be packaged into a little “grab” which can be used in an email.

What emails are effective?

The email you send depends on what you want customers to do. Do you want them to buy or are you just trying to build your relationship? Some options for email campaigns include:

  • Special offers
  • New arrivals/product launches
  • “We miss you”
  • Re-orders
  • Sale reminders


Who is this service for?

The Service is for clients who can benefit from growth by making business connections and nurturing these connections into business relationships. Contact us to discuss your email marketing needs.