Case Studies


In 2 months we improved their organic search results 5 fold by beating their key competitors for key terms.

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Light Sounds

We increased their organic traffic by over 20% by getting them an extra 20 Number 1 Google spots.

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Work Inc

In 3 months we got them to maximum capacity by getting their main keywords from out of the top 100 positions to be in the top 3.

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Pug Chalk

Their previous advertising provider got them a result of $178 per acquisition. In 6 weeks we reduced their cost to $4.40 per acquisition.

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Hero Digital marketing - Hero

Lead Generation – Linked In
Client had a pre-existing network of contacts, predominantly through his previous work places. He was building his network – but was only doing it very slowly. We set up a linkedin lead generation campaign where we improved his portfolio and then dramatically improved his number of contacts and his reputation. We then set about building him meetings After 3 months his pipeline was full and he couldn’t handle any more work.

Facebook Advertising
Client had a facebook account but didn’t know how to utilise it. We set up an initial 2 month trial to drive sales. We worked with client to set up a compelling offer and drove advertising to a corresponding landing page on their web page and generated leads. As the campaign worked we doubled and then quadrupled advertising spend to drive traffic.

Adwords Advertising
Client had tried 2 different adwords agencies before we spoke to them. Their web page was technical and it was very hard for the client to set up dedicated landing pages. We set up specific landing pages on Because of the landing page we set up for the client we more than doubled the response rates. The google adwords went from not feasible through to an ongoing driver of business. We are continuing to expand offer.

Lead Generation

Social Media

Social Media Management – Facebook
We set up a Facebook page and in 2 months, after regular posting, and no advertising we built it up to over 4oo followers. We also were plugging products and offers which drove sales.

Social Media Management – Instagram
Client had limited success in posting engaging and relevant content, so account was not growing. We managed account and within 6 weeks client had an extra 300 followers, which drove inquiries to home-page.

SEO Small Business
Client had a good business for direct traffic but was not being found organically. We reviewed web site and client had web page issues. We fixed issues and in 2 months had key terms on page 1 and then 2 months later started getting terms in position 1 – which was driving traffic.

SEO Medium Business
The client was in the IT industry and so had written some blogs and had used some basic SEO tools but was not ranking in the top 50 for any key terms. We grew their online reputation and while their page descriptions were good they were not written with a consistent plan. In 6 months they were ranking just behind Apple for key terms and started getting inquiries from bigger businesses wanting their IT services.

SEO & Google

SEO Larger Business
Client with thousands of products had been working with a SEO supplier who had initially achieved some good results, but after a whlie the results had stalled. Rather than taking a purely technical view of SEO we took an overall view and made recommendations for an improved content management system to write effective SEO page descriptions. We grew organic website visits by 17% in a month (over 300 a week growth).

Website Builder

Web Page
The client had an old looking and slow web page that was not converting customers effectively. We worked with client on a new design and built a fast, SEO optimised web page.

Client had a start-up idea and wanted to test the viability of the idea. We worked with the client on a per hour rate to conduct a detailed keyword analysis, set up a quick Facebook page, set up a landing page and tested some advertising.  The goal was to work out if customers were interested in his idea. The client expected a high need among potential customers. In fact, feedback was that there was a need but potential customers were willing to pay far less than what client was hoping for. For a very low budget client learned a lot.